Children's Ministry

Here at Gospel Center, we believe that children are not the church of tomorrow, but rather the church of today! We seek to teach our children the goodness of the gospel and keep that at the center of everything we do. Along with gospel centered teachings, our goal through children's ministry is to provide children with a time of fellowship and worship. We as a church recognize that Christian friendships and coming to the Lord in worship are vital ingredients to a Christian lifestyle and that instilling these habits young is an important part to growing up children in the way of the Lord. We offer 3 weekly programs for children. Our Sunday School and Children's Church classes meet every Sunday morning and use the Awana program to learn and grow in the Scripture.

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Youth Ministry

Sunday mornings we offer 2 Sunday school classes for 7th-9th and 10th through college. Wednesday nights are focused on being true disciples of Jesus. Overall our mission is for our students to Awaken. Hence the name “Awakening”. We go by a tag line- “Live, Love, Leap” 

Live- We want our Youth to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. As Paul says “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. We want them to live for eternity. 

Love- Jesus leaves us with the great commission. Once we have become a follower of Jesus, he commands us to go and make disciples. We are praying and focusing on 3 people we come into contact with to help them come to Christ. 

Leap- The statistics are alarming for students who graduate from HS and then put Jesus on a shelf through college and most of their 20s. We want students faith to be real and their desire for following the will of God strong so that they can remain strong and fight the good fight of their faith. 

Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministries at Gospel Center provides bi-weekly Bible Studies, monthly fellowship brunches, Career Girls’ Nights Out, special field trips, showers, and events. We joyfully give to various projects and have helped Samaritan’s Purse, Hannah’s House, Right to Life, RETA, Hope and Elkhart Missions, and Devon Oasis (Chicago). GC Ladies also support the North Central District Missionary Church Women’s Ministries by giving to foreign missions and attending the summer event at Prairie Camp in Goshen, IN, and the winter weekend Retreat, often held in Shipshewana.

Young at Heart (Seniors Ministry)

For our adults 55 and older, we have the Young at Heart ministry.  They meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m in Carey Hall.  They share in a pot-luck diner and a program to enrich and grow their faith.  This ministry was led by Bob Beyler who served  for the last 10 years. Now Pastor Jim and Missy work with a great committee to bring spiritually enriching and relational fellowship.   During the months of January and February, they will be meeting at 11:30 a.m. on the third Monday for a pot-luck lunch.  Various field trips are planned for the summer months.

Adult Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School classes offer many options:

Gospel Center University provides 6-week classes on a variety of subjects in classes N204 East and West.

There are also three ongoing classes for various age groups:

C & B (Crusaders and Berean) - Class N103

Agape - Class N205

Genesis - Class M204